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Touching Base with One’s Own Self

                  Recently, a young man who lives in the U.S.A. and
                  was on a work-related short visit to India confided
                  in me, “My wife is away on work three weeks in a
                  month; she lives in the university campus. I try to
                  work from home to be with the girls, because both of
                  them are less than ten years old. Now that I am here,
                  she is home with them. Sometimes this coordination
                  is cut very fine. When I return, I will have to pick
                  them up from a walkathon where she would have
                  left them before proceeding to work. In case my flight
                  is delayed, I have told my friend to take them home.
                  Well, don’t ask me why we are doing this! We are in
                  it and there you are!”
                     Both of them have high profile jobs, and are caught
                  up in an inextricable web. His entire schooling was
                  done in a Chinmaya Vidyalaya and so he makes it a
                  point to drop the children at the Balavihar class in
                  the weekend and picks them up. The hectic schedule
                  seems to have a life of its own, spreading its ten-
                  tacles into every nook and cranny, curling around
                  and tightening its grip on them day after day. Even
                  vacations seem to be a chore to be gone through.
                     When will we learn to sit back and see life for
                  what it is! In the very pursuit of life, we seem to lose
                  it, moment by precious moment. It is a luxury to sit
                  alone in the warmth of the early morning sun on a
                  wintry day, watching the dancing motes in the slant-
                  ing rays of light, revelling in the honeyed silence,
                  while the world continues its relentless whirl all
                  around. Touching base every now and then with
                  one’s own true Self is essential to relish life fully.

        Tapovan Prasad                 7                   December  2017